Strawberry hermanos golbano

Strawberry Hermanos Golbano

The strawberries are a few exquisite fruits that can be obtained principally during the months October November and December, The strawberry of Peru stands out for its high quality and flavor. The main varieties are Camarosa, Aroma, Cangonga, Sabrina and tasty. We at present it are employed at 2 kg formats, at salvers of 1/2 kg and in bandejitas of 250grs depending on the demand of our clients. As for the Peruvian exportation of fresh strawberry it is in full heyday.

It can be consumed without need to be peeled, and it is ideal in spring and summer when the heat begins being too tight, for its clear refreshing effects, turning out to be so appetizing in warm epochs. In what has to do with its properties and more out-standing benefits, we must name that the strawberries are capable of fighting the anemia and the nutritional shortcoming, as well as of preparing the infections in the organism.

Nutritional value
I come up for every 200 g

• A whole of 66 calories
• 207 % of vitamin C.
• 17 % of iron
• 7 % of vitamin B6
• 15 % of acid f๓lico
• 8 % of manganese